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Carnatic Lessons Online is one of a kind LMS (Learning Management System) that allows the students to train themselves at their convenience and provides a sophisticated system to learn music and dance anytime, anywhere and on any device. It offers an elegant learner interface, accessible from any device; sleek tools to streamline program management; and a flexible online learning framework, designed to integrate with all the latest technologies.


CarnaticLessons.com is based on the principles of excellence, dedication and service to the cause of Indian Classical Music. On this site, South Indian Flute and Vocal Lessons will be imparted to those who have the yearning for, ability and devotion to pursue this art, with the objective of reaching a very high level of proficiency. The lessons for vocal and flute are taught by Flute Raman and other top artists. The students of other musical instruments can also benefit tremendously from this service by accompanying any available lesson in their instrument of choice. This site can also serve as a highly valuable resource for students and teachers of various Indian Dance forms, as it will also feature many dance repertoires.

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