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 Nearby Goods

Nearby Goods - Sale, Resale, Recycle, Donate and Food Deals

NearbyGoods is your free neighborhood community network portal with information posted by your neighbors, local residents, small businesses, non-profit/charity organizations and other institutions. Mesonsoft has partnered with The Global Venture to bring life to this intuitive social portal is catered to your local community needs with local listings, classifieds, yard sales, services, a calendar of local events, celebrations and much more.


Our state of the art portal is unique in a way that each posting for sale can be set to go through the flow from Resale to Consignment to Charity to Recycle. Everything gets automated by a click or tap of a button and consider it done.


We maintain the complete database of Consignment stores, Thrift stores, Charity and Non-profit organizations, Home Owner Associations (HOA) and other institutions from all over the United States that will help our consumers to communicate with them seamlessly and effortlessly.


Our one of a kind alert system notifies and reminds the consumers about the products, services and events that they were looking for from their local community, as soon as those get posted online. All you have to do is set an appropriate alert and forget it. We’ll follow it up for you and deliver them in your pocket. You’ll never miss another Yoga Class or Halloween Parade or Yard Sale or Poker Night that gets organized by your local residents. We’ll always keep you stay connected with your neighbors and local residents.

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